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What is Completions or Completions Philosophy

    These are a set of specifications that provide the basic information, procedures and support documents required to carry out the on site Mechanical Completion (MC) (installation), Pre-commissioning(PC) & Commissioning activities in a planned, safe and efficient manner. Completions philosophy requirements are implemented through a PROJECT COMPLETION SYSTEM , which is a computer software application that manages the preparation, execution and monitoring of MC, PC and Commissioning phases of the project.

    Our scope of work for consultancy in Completions includes:

  • Preparation of System / Sub-system list
  • Polulation of completion database provided by clients
  • Changes in MC check sheets templates if required by client
  • Changes in PC test sheets templates if required by client
  • Prearation of Commissioning test sheets (on a case to case basis)
  • Review of vendor's FAT procedures

What Is Commissioning Engineering

Commissioning Engineerring is a multi disciplinary activity and involves among many things preparation of Commissioning Test Procedures (CTP) as one of the major activities. A CTP gives a detailed step by step procedure for commissioning any Process, Utility, Automation, Electrical & HVAC systems. CTPs for Process, Uitlities and HVAC systems are typically prepared by a group of Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical, Automation and electrical engineers. While the CTPs for Automation systems and Electrical systems are prepared respectively by Automation & Electrical engineers.

Our scope of work for Commissioning engineering :

Review of vendor's SAT procedure

Preparation of CTPs of Automation systems based on vendor's documents

Explain complex loops and logic to process engineers while preparing process system CTPs

Explain complex loops and logic to Utility engineers while preparing Utility system CTPs

Explain complex loops and logic to HVAC engineers while preparing HVAC system CTPs

Coordinate with Electrical engineers while preparation of Electrical and Automation system CTPs